Tuesday, May 27, 2008



  • Attention Oklahoma Independent voters! (jmbzine.com) Jacqueline Salit, founder and political director of the national organization, Committee for a Unified Independent Party, commented, “With 70% of Americans saying that the country is on the wrong track, the problem is not just that our policies have gone wrong. It’s that our political process isn’t working.

  • Independents are pivotal to both McCain, Obama (NY Newsday)

  • Permanent early voting list confusing some voters (Prescott Daily Courier) some voters on the list are confused about having to declare a party affiliation before they can receive an early ballot.

  • The White Working Class: Forgotten Voters No More (by John Harwood, NY Times The Caucus)

  • Republican candidates dwindle in Massachusetts races (by The Republican Newsroom) Voters not affiliated with either party make up slightly more than 50 percent of registered voters. These unaffiliated voters helped elect Weld and two other Republican governors and could again tilt toward the GOP, according to party leaders.


  • Poll: State is on track, country isn't (The Missoulian) 92 percent of Democrats and 78 percent of independents saying they felt the country was headed in the wrong direction.

  • Obama Holds Big Lead in Montana Poll (New West Network) It’s probably true that an Obama loss here would do some serious damage, calling into question his appeal to independent voters and his ability to redraw the electoral map in the fall by winning in at least some Mountain West states.

LIBERTARIANS * Dogfight in Denver (The American Spectator)

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