Monday, May 12, 2008


  • A Declaration of Independents: A New Kind of Politics (Pacific Free Press)
  • Americans Trending Toward “The Middle” (By Justin Gardner, Donklephant)

CAMPAIGN * McConnell: Democrats will 'turn us into France' (Washington Times) He said the Democratic Party's push to the far left has opened the door for the maverick, who will attract independent voters and is arguably the strongest candidate Republicans could field at a time of widespread dissatisfaction with Washington.

WEST VIRGINIA * West Virginia savors moment in spotlight (USA Today) So West Virginia Democrats and unaffiliated voters — who together make up more than 800,000 registered voters — find themselves debating Iraq withdrawal plans and the benefits of universal coverage, as the campaigns blanket the state with ads and rallies.

NORTH CAROLINA * Seeing blue in N.C. (Charlotte Observer) If the Democrats can keep their coalition of 1.5 million primary voters together and win a substantial number of unaffiliated voters -- not even a majority -- who tend not to vote in primaries, they should have no problem beating McCain easily in Chatham, and they could even win North Carolina.

REFORM * Don't pin it all on electorate (Asbury Park Press) "The only thing a politician understands is losing."

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