Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Diverse South Carolina Coalition Wants to Keep Primaries Open

GOP wants expedited ruling on election primaries (South Carolina SC) South Carolina Republican Party asked a federal judge in Greenville to expedite the hearing on the choice of voters in primaries are excluded from the ranks of the party, which refers to the time candidates file, which starts in two weeks.
S.C. GOP wants judge to expedite ruling on election primaries (BY ERIC CONNOR, Greenville Online) The disparate group – among them the Columbia tea party and the Democratic state Black Legislative Caucus – say they want voting influence in the state's dominant political organization, pointing to worries that a closed primary would create a more-divided electorate in a state "so heavily dominated by one political party."

Also see this article by Eric Connor from last month.

For more information about the coalition for open primaries in South Carolina, see

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