Tuesday, March 08, 2011

South Carolina Court Allows Independent Internvention

Republicans in South Carolina are urging a Federal Judge to hold a hearing on Closed Primaries.
  • Nick Theodore: Closing S.C. primaries still is wrong (BY NICK THEODORE, Greenville Online) Nick Theodore of Greenville has served in the S.C. House of Representatives and Senate, and he served two terms as the state’s lieutenant governor. Historically South Carolina has always been known as an independent state. Regarding election laws our independence and competitive spirit ring loud and clear. Therefore I found a lawsuit attempting to repeal the open primary system making our state a closed primary one to be very strange. In my judgment such a move would not be welcomed by a majority of our citizens.
  • Judge Urged to Act on Closed Primary in SC (WLTX Channel 19 - Columbia) In South Carolina, any registered voter is allowed to participate in any prima ry without revealing politi cal affiliation- though the voter must choose only one primary on that day.

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