Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Persons Lose Liberty to Parties in Idaho

Dr. Kelleher's article on the recent events in Idaho.

  • Persons Lose Liberty to Parties in Idaho - Where is America going? (William J. Kelleher, PhD, The Hankster) What is a “political party”? Can you see it walking down the street? Can you hit it with a stone? Can you make love to a political party? No, of course, to all three questions. A political party is a conceptual abstraction, an idea. People identify with the idea of “their” party, and this influences how they think about political issues, and how they behave in the world, by voting, or contributing money, or going to meetings, etc. Some folks will even declare “I AM a Democrat,” or “I AM a Republican.” But these strong feelings do not make a “party” anything more than an idea in their heads, which they share with many other individuals.

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