Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Kentucky Open Primaries Loses a Round in Senate; Supporters Vow to Continue Fight


March 1, 2011 SB 41 was called in to the House committee of Elections, Constitutional Amendments & intergovernmental Affairs for a hearing. Sen. Jimmy Higdon (R) who sponsored the bill was able to overcome objections and accusations brought up by certain committee members. However the vote ended up 1 Yes vote shy of passing out of committee.
Darryl Owens Chairman of the committee and a Louisville Democrat said it is “a bad bill. Every person has the right to register how they choose. The primaries are to advance the parties’ agenda to pick the best candidates for their party.” Rep. Owens voted “No” as well as Rep. Larry Clark Speaker Pro Tem.
Independent Kentucky Chairman Michael P.W. Lewis who was unable to attend today’s hearing responded by phone saying “Nowhere in our National or state constitution does it state that the two major political parties own Kentucky’s primaries. The primaries are the tax-payer funded crucial first-round elections in which the conversation is shaped, the issues are defined, and the voters begin to make themselves heard.” Agreeing with Chairman Lewis were 5 State Representatives, 4 Republicans and 1 Democrat. (Yes votes were Brathcer, Fisher, Comer, Harmon & Henley).
Representing Independent Kentucky and the 192,000+ Independent voters was Co-Chair Alexander Kemble. Even after the defeat he seems positive and upbeat about the bills progress. Co-Chair Kemble stated "Even though our bill didn't pass through committee, this is still a small win for Independents. We received one more 'yes' over the last year, if we can get one more 'yes' for next year, we can finally get this bill to the House floor for more discussion. There are still nearly 200,000 Independents left out of part of the process here in Kentucky."
With no certain destination other than the legislative graveyard for 2011 Independent Kentucky sends it’s thanks to the many supporters that have worked to get out the information and made calls to their Representatives in Frankfort. We would also like to give a special thanks to the collations of organizations that helped spread the word, Norm Davis & “Take Back Kentucky”, Clint Hardy & “Take Back Louisville”, Josh Koch of “Kentucky Freedom Digest”.  The Local Radio show like “My View Matters” “Kentuckana GrassRoots Radio” and “Issues First” Radio Thank YOU!
Independent Kentucky would like to remind you that even though SB41 is likely done, our work for next year’s legislative session starts today!

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richardwinger said...

The bill lost in a House Committee, so the title saying the bill lost a round in the Senate should be fixed.