Thursday, March 31, 2011

Money Talks, Nobody Walks in New York

  • Council Progressives Say Tax Millionaires To Stave Off Cuomo Cuts (By David Freedlander, NY Observer) The Progressive Caucus of the City Council—a bloc of 12 members elected with the support of the Working Families Party—is out with a statement today reiterating their call for Mayor Mike Bloomberg to institute a tax on the city's wealthiest in light of Albany budget that will greatly reduce New York City's operating expenses.
  • Former Bloomberg campaign adviser accused of stealing millions not keeping a low profile (NY Daily News/GATECRASHER) Haggerty has refused to cop a plea in the case, and our source says he and his legal team are preparing a "spirited" defense in which quite a few lawyers could take the stand to testify that he ran an effective Election Day operation for the Independence Party and had discretion to spend the mayor's money as he saw fit.

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