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Friday, May 20, 2011

2012: Obama, Huntsman, and the Indies

Fox News Poll: Mixed Views on Whether Bin Laden Raid Was Gutsy Call (By Dana Blanton, The president’s job rating jumped not only among Democrats and independents, but also among GOP voters. Some 19 percent of Republicans approve of the president’s performance in the new poll, up from 11 percent (April 25-27). Obama received a similar bump among his party faithful, as 88 percent of Democrats approve, up from 80 percent previously.

  • Jon Huntsman's moves trouble Utah (Politico) Huntsman’s recent decision to headquarter his campaign in Florida makes sense for logistical and political reasons but the location—and some recent remarks about his faith — have combined to produce a sharp reaction from the Mormon Establishment, solidifying the impression for many of the former governor’s constituents that he plans to keep his distance in more ways than one.
  • President Obama to Address Arab Spring, 'Turn the Page' on Policy in Region (BY: DAVID CHALIAN AND TERENCE BURLIJ, PBS Newshour) And then there's New Hampshire, home to the country's first primary, where independent voters get to play, giving more centrist candidates an opportunity they may find elusive in Iowa. Beginning Thursday, Huntsman will embark on a five-day, 12-stop tour of the Granite State that could go a long way toward revealing just how compatible the two really are.

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