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Monday, May 30, 2011

Interviews by a Black Independent: Lenora Fulani Interviews Roscoe Orman in Harlem Friday June 3rd

This Friday! June 3rd - 6PM 
Dr. Fulani Interviews Roscoe Orman
Actor, entertainer, writer and children's advocate,   
known to millions as "Gordon" on Sesame Street.

Roscoe Orman  

Mr. Orman will be performing a scene from one of his famous stage roles.  

Please join us for an evening of conversation with Dr. Fulani and a talented actor committed to the growth of our young people.     

 To RSVP please reply to by email or call 212.962.1699

Friday June 3rd, 6pm
Harlem State Office Building
163 W. 125th Street, second floor
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1 comment:

Nancy Hanks said...

Did you know there is a Muppet Wiki??? Whoa Nelly! Yessiree there is indeed! That's where I found out that the character Gordon, played by actor-activist Roscoe Orman, was conceptualized as a "strong paternal character" who was originally intended to provide a "role model for African American children who lacked a positive father figure. But like many of the Sesame Street adults, Gordon has transcended across the board to appeal to children of all races...." and apparently is the "most likely" Sesame Street adults to "offer admonishment" - i.e. be straight...

Hummm. Fair 'nuf... Gordon is a go, and Fulani is some flair...