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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NY-26: Hochul Claims Independence

  • Hochul's final pitch: I'm independent (By: James Hohmann (Politico) The push to downplay her Democratic affiliation came the morning after a Public Policy Polling survey showed that, while she’s ahead by 6 points, a plurality of voters want their eventual representative to caucus with the Republicans. That is especially true among those expressing support for third-party candidate Jack Davis, whose support has waned in recent polls… Hochul will need support from independents and some Republicans to overcome a 6 percent GOP registration advantage. There are roughly 27,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats in the 26th District, with an additional 9,500 registered Conservative Party members.
  • All Eyes on NY-26: Republicans are bracing themselves to lose a House seat carried by John McCain. (By JOHN FUND, Wall Street Journal) Politics is more volatile than ever in a fast-moving media environment, and Republicans have been slow to realize that either their message or their work product is not resonating with large chunks of independent voters who will determine if they maintain control of the House next year.

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