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Monday, May 23, 2011

2012: Year of the Independent Voter

Clarity in the Presidential Race (By John Hood, Carolina Journal Online) For the Republicans to defeat Obama, they will need a candidate who can secure and turn out the GOP base as well as appeal to independent voters. Who are those independents? The latest Pew Research Center voter typology divides them into three groups...

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in his 10th year at City Hall, has distinguished himself as the mushy mouth of the middle (By Thomas V. Murphy , Staten Island Advance) Those early years actually bore out some hope. A Republican Bloomberg who was a closet Democrat or at least an Independent? He seemed non-partisan and open to the ‘Grand Mosaic” that Mayor Dinkins advocated and Giuliani denigrated. Moderation as a tonic. But as the years unfolded, there was a new twist on an old Roman adage that poet Paul Violi saw hanging behind a New York bar: “Veni, Vidi, Velcro: I came, I saw, I stuck around.”

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