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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Independents on the Rise Internationally

Under the radar: Significant state changes obscured by redistricting and budget battles (EXCERPT by Nelda Holder, Mountain Xpress - NC) One bill that is not yet seeing the light of day, juxtaposed against the current public hearings on this year’s redistricting activity, is SB 591, the Horton Independent Redistricting Bill, which was referred to Senate Judiciary on April 14.

Analysis: The nascent rise of the independent ward councillor (By PAUL BERKOWITZ, Daily Maverick) National anger at perceived failures of the ANC and a gradual maturing of voting patterns in South Africa’s adolescent democracy may be among the factors giving rise to the marked increase in the number of independent individual (not party affiliated) candidates standing in the coming local government elections.

"Fingere" by Alejandro Ferrer: A Leftist Heart Set Free - Alejandro Ferrer: “You cannot spend your life working. Life is more than working. Life is creating.” (The Hankster)

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