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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Lamesauce

The Good:
It has been a positive month in Utah for the momentum of independent voters and fair open primaries.

Earlier in the month, the Salt Lake Tribune ( reported that a legislator speaking on condition of anonymity indicated support for a direct primary. The same article reported that in January, 61% of Utahans polled supported a direct primary. Weekly letters to the editor in support of open primaries are showing up. Here are a few of the links:

The May 12th Tribune article:

The letters:
A Republic Indeed

And this gem by Dave Glissmeyer who ran for Utah's 2nd Congressional District as an independent: Glissmeyer

Plus an op ed:
I particularly love this love for independents who are being left out of redistricting considerations: Lundgren

These gems showed up in the Sunday paper on my porch this morning:
be sure not to miss the embedded editorial cartoon which hails close to John Avlon's book "Wingnuts" (see my review of the same

I can't put this at the end of this blog as it would show up under 'lamesauce'. Stay tuned, I have another editorial cartoon to publish in the morning.

The Bad:

An open fair election process is not a reality---yet.

The lamesauce:

Democrat insider opposes direct open primaries:

Republican insider opposes direct open primaries:

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