Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Americans Elect Shuns Third Party Label

St. Louisan part of effort seeking new way of nominating president (BY BILL LAMBRECHT, St. Louis Today) Americans Elect shuns the label of third party, describing itself as architects of a second way of nominating a presidential candidate, a method that avoids the time-honored system of primaries and party caucuses that the group says excludes many voters from meaningful participation.... Richard Winger, a Californian who writes an authoritative ballot access newsletter, likened the effort to the beginning of the Reform Party, founded by Ross Perot in 1995. Perot ended up the nominee in 1996, followed by Republican defector Pat Buchanan in 2000. The party grew increasingly irrelevant.

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H said...

Participants in Americans Elect's questionnaires ( indicate that the site appeals to moderates, independents, centrists, disgusted Democrats and Republicans, global warming proponents and other potential voters who are not 100% Dems or Repubs. Collectively, they could comprise a formidable voting bloc.