Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Michael Lewis, Moneyballs, and the Global Economic Collapse

  • It’s Good to Be Michael Lewis - He could have made a fortune in business. Instead, he made a fortune writing about it. Plus—a fortune for everyone he writes about. (By Jessica Pressler, New York Magazine) Lewis is often referred to as a business writer, and this is sort of true, in that his narratives usually focus on some kind of market, be it for bonds or baseball players. But he’s a business writer only in the same way that Malcolm Gladwell is a business writer. What most interests him are people and how they behave. He tends to favor stories about mavericks—like the Tuohys, Beane, Whitney, and Steve Eisman, the eccentric short-seller star of The Big Short—smart people who identify gaps of logic and market inefficiencies, and take advantage of them.
  • Michael Lewis is an American contemporary non-fiction author. (Charlie Rose) Online interview
NOTE: This Michael Lewis is not the Michael Lewis who chairs Independent Kentucky, but they both have important things to say about what's happening in politics....!

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