Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Independent Analyst Dr. Omar H. Ali Speaks on Recent Obama Visit to North Carolina

  • Independent Voters Want President's Attention (NPR, WFDD FM 88.5, North Carolina) On Tuesday, October 18, he heard President Obama speak in Jamestown. According to Dr. Ali, while the President and other politicians talk about how they plan to create new jobs, unaffiliated voters are frustrated with bipartisan politics. He tells WFDD's Kathryn Mobley there are about 1.5 million unaffiliated voters in North Carolina. But he says he believes that number would be higher if there were open primaries.
    Ali speaks to WFMY about Obama visit (UNC Greensboro University News, Posted by Dan Nonte)  SEE VIDEO BELOW
  • NEW: North Carolina Independents website 

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