Monday, October 24, 2011

Stop Marginalizing Independent Voters Through Election Laws Set by Partisan Legislators

  • Obama Shouldn't Use Bush's Reelect Strategy - Bush-Cheney '04 may have scraped through a victory, but the same tactics won't work for Obama. John Avlon on five reasons 2012 is different. (The Daily Beast)
  • On the Agenda: Independent voters still up for grabs in 2012 (By: Harvey Kronberg, YNN Austin) Independent voters broke left in 2008, galvanized by a visceral dislike of Sarah Palin combined with anxiety that John McCain was over his head facing the possible financial apocalypse. While there is not yet a Republican candidate to contrast, the 2012 independent voter is now deeply unhappy with Barack Obama.
  • Discrimination denies independent voters fair access (By OMAR H. ALI, News Record Greensboro NC) Across the world, here in North Carolina, where my own little family now lives and where I teach history at UNCG, I am part of a different movement for democracy. I am part of a movement of independent voters who do not want to be marginalized through election laws and regulations set by Democratic and Republican legislators.

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