Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christopher Moraff: Why I Am (Still) Not a Democrat

  • Why I Am (Still) Not a Democrat - American voters need to stand up against the tyranny of two-party rule (By Christopher Moraff, Philly Magazine/ The Philly Post) So I changed my affiliation to nonpartisan (which in Pennsylvania means sacrificing my vote in either primary—a story for another time) and low and behold, a funny thing happened during the general election: The candidates, both of them, started talking to me—well not me individually but all those unaffiliated “independent” voters, like myself, who were suddenly so important. For the record, I voted for Obama, but not once during the campaign could he take that vote for granted. And as far as I was concerned that gave my vote power.
  • Independents could hold key to Obama victory in AZ (by Herman Cain and Mitt Romney may be leading the polls in Arizona, but independent voters could push current President Barack Obama to victory in Arizona.
  • Cain, Romney top Arizona GOP poll - but Obama could ride independent tide to carry state (msnbc) What makes the difference, de Berge said, is that Obama is backed by 50 percent of independents, against just 33 percent who said they would vote for Cain. And with independents actually outnumbering registered Democrats in the state — and closing in on Republicans — that could make all the difference.
  • Poll: Romney & Cain on top in Arizona (Posted by CNN Deputy Political Director Paul Steinhauser) Among independent voters, Cain and Romney are tied at 15%, with Rep. Ron Paul of Texas at 14% and everyone else in single digits and 28% undecided. Republicans and independents are allowed to vote in Arizona's GOP presidential primary.

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