Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Testifies in Political Operative John Haggerty Trial Over Ballot Security Operation Payment

  • NYC mayor testifies in trial of political operative (By Hussein Saddique, CNN) "I understood that if anyone was denied access to the ballots, that a trained lawyer was to be there to help that individual," Bloomberg told the court when asked to describe the "ballot security" operation.
  • Bloomberg Testifies in Political Operative’s Trial (By Michael Howard Saul, Wall Street Journal/ Metropolis) “I did not view it as a campaign expenditure,” the mayor testified, explaining why the campaign did not include this financial transaction on its public disclosure reports. The mayor said the money for the ballot security operation was intended to benefit all candidates running on the Independence Party line.
  • Bloomberg Testifies in Consultant’s Trial (By THE NEW YORK TIMES/ City Room) Throughout the cross-examination, Mr. Castello repeatedly tried to suggest that what Mr. Bloomberg described as an agreement to provide ballot security was something much more nebulous: a political donation that he could not exert further control over.
  • NYC mayor endures hours of cross-examination; ex-operative accused of bilking him out of $1M (By Associated Press, Washington Post) “Until you had all the documentation, nobody in their right mind would send a check,” said the businessman-turned-politician, who told jurors the lost money mattered to him: “We could have done a lot of good in society” with it, he said. “It’s a lot of money.”

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