Thursday, May 11, 2006

California: 50th District demonstrates importance of electing the candidate, not the party - and saving the 2 party system?

Why the 50th Should Change Horses

By JAMES O. GOLDSBOROUGH Thursday, May 11, 2006Voice of San Diego -- The two-party system under which our country operates has some advantages, but one overwhelming disadvantage: Too often it puts bad people in office. The rise of independent voters, those who decline to state affiliation, helps overcome the two-party flaw, but often there are not enough independents to make a difference.
Next month, voters in San Diego's 50th District will have a chance to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of our two-party system when they elect a member of Congress to succeed Randy Cunningham, who turned out to be a crook. As usual, the primaries reduced the June special election to the usual suspects: The Democrat is Francine Busby; the Republican Brian Bilbray.... If Busby wins, it will be a victory over the two-party system. It will show that voters in the 50th District understand the importance of electing the candidate, not the party. It will expose, once again, the vapidity of the local newspaper's endorsements.
It will demonstrate the importance of independent voters in helping to keep our two-party system reasonably honest. Twenty-one percent of the 50th's voters are independents, those whose votes will not be determined by blind party allegiance.

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