Thursday, May 11, 2006

California: Independents gaining among youth and Latino voters

GOP's Prop. 187 Wounds Healing, But Dems Are Bleeding

May 11, 2006LA Times -- It's an accepted truth — at least it keeps getting reported — that Proposition 187 was an unmitigated disaster for the Republican Party in California and a boon for Democrats.
When Republican Gov. Pete Wilson aggressively pushed for the anti-illegal immigration initiative in 1994, it set back the GOP at least a generation. And it's conceivable the party will never recover. Or so they say.
But there's something puzzling about this: It's the Democratic Party, not the GOP, that has been losing the biggest share of voter registration.
Young voters, especially, are declaring a pox on both parties and registering as independents — or "declined to state," as it's officially called. This is particularly true of Latinos.
Four in 10 voters who are age 18 to 24 are registered as independents or aligned with a third party, according to the Public Policy Institute of California. In Los Angeles County, it's 36.3%, Cervantes says.... Statewide, independent registration among all Latinos is higher than for whites, reports the policy institute. While 55% of Latinos are Democrats, 22% are independents....

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