Monday, May 15, 2006

Connecticut: Scott Merrell makes independent bid for governor

Candidate has only one issue: property taxes

By John Nickerson Staff WriterMay 15 2006 Stamford Advocate NORWALK -- Race track veterinarian Scott Merrell is on a mission to lead a tax revolt in Connecticut.
The 16-year Wilson Point homeowner, who has seen the tax assessment on his 4,500-square-foot waterfront home go from $262,000 in 1998 to nearly $2 million today, is a man possessed.
Over the past seven months, the political outsider has announced his candidacy for governor in full-page newspaper ads in Norwalk, New Haven and Hartford.... When he announced his campaign in September, Merrell planned to run as a Republican, but has since decided to be the independent third-party candidate. If he had stuck with the Republicans, he said he would have been sidelined after a primary this summer and wouldn't be able to see the race through to the end in November....

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