Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Maine: Independent governor candidate Barbara Merrill good for sigs, going for matching funds

Candidate Merrill has the signatures, needs the checks

By Victoria Wallack State House News Service Maine Current

REGIONAL (May 10, 2006): Rep. Barbara Merrill, an independent candidate for governor, held a press conference Tuesday to say she had more than enough signatures to get on the ballot, but needed people to send in $5 checks so she could qualify for public funds to run her campaign.
Merrill needs 2,500 $5-checks from registered voters by June 2 to run as a Clean Elections candidate to get public funds. On Tuesday she said she has half of what she needs and was making a direct appeal for help..... There are seven candidates for governor who have said they are running as independents, and all but one is hoping to run on public funds.
Two Republicans, Sen. Peter Mills and Sen. Chandler Woodcock, and Pat LaMarche of the Green Party already have qualified for public funds.....

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