Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Massachusetts: 8% for Mihos in business community

They favor Healey, but expect Reilly to capture governership By Kimberly BlantonBoston Globe BusinessMay 16, 2006 -- As Governor Mitt Romney leaps to the national political stage after one term, Massachusetts chief executives are most likely to back his fellow Republican lieutenant governor to succeed him -- but they doubt she will win.... Despite independent candidate Christy Mihos's business background, no one surveyed expects him to be elected governor, and only 8 percent see Democratic ex-venture capitalist Christopher Gabrieli in the corner office.
Among a dozen interviewed, for whom being politic is a job requirement, most declined to reveal their preference for governor. ''I'd rather not, in case I choose the wrong person," said Boston property developer Harold Brown, the chief executive of The Hamilton Cos....

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