Monday, May 08, 2006

NATIONAL: CIA choice brings more polarization (Joe Gandelman)

Bush 's Naming Gen. Hayden As CIA Pick Will Spark Polarizing Political Fight

(UPDATED)by Joe Gandelman The Moderate Voice May 7, 2006 .....The bottom line: Bush could pick ANY number of excellent candidates and avoid a bitter fight in Congress. But that's evidently not his plan..... There were other options. But, if the Post piece is to be believed, it's clear that this is to excite and win back the GOP's eroding conservative base — and define the Democrats.
Question: Isn't it time for Americans who believe that national unity and consensus aren't bad, and independent voters in particular, to honestly ask themselves whether George Bush is across-the-boards (rather just on one single issue) perhaps the most intentionally divisive President in American history? ....

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