Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New York: Who will save us from Hillary?

Challenging Hillary Clinton

New York takes on the War Party

by Joshua FrankAntiwar.com May 2, 2006 ....None of the antiwar third-party candidates at this point in the campaign season have any real name recognition or financial backing. Even so, Tasini the Democrat does. Antiwar flyers plaster campuses throughout New York City touting Tasini, and his campaign is being discussed on numerous antiwar blogs and e-mail discussion lists. Tasini's drive may soon spark some real tension among antiwar activists in New York, however, as many believe supporting Tasini will fail the movement against the war.
For starters, they contend that Tasini is still a Democrat, which means that if he doesn't beat Hillary in September's primary election, he will most likely endorse her campaign and hand over his antiwar funds to the pro-war Democratic Party, much like Dennis Kucinich did during his presidential race in 2004 when he endorsed John Kerry.
When I contacted Tasini's campaign manager, Adam Koch, he challenged these criticisms.
"Tasini won't be endorsing Senator Clinton after the primaries if he doesn't win," says Koch. "Nor will he be giving any of his money to the Democratic Party." Koch also noted that Tasini is currently seeking the Working Families Party line, but if that falls through he will not be appearing on the ballot.
The Working Families Party will be endorsing a New York senatorial candidate on June 3, and Hillary and Tasini have been the only two candidates to seek the party's line thus far. Hillary scored the endorsement in 2000, so it's not guaranteed to go to Tasini....

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