Sunday, May 14, 2006

North Carolina: Partisans threaten disloyalty charges for cross-endorsement

Carruth's comments have critic boiling
Charlotte Observer May 14, 2006 ....Smith, a pal and public supporter of Privette, claims Carruth, chairman of the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners, is being disloyal to the Republican Party.
In a series of red-hot e-mails titled "Exposed!" he called for an explanation and investigation by the party.
"I remind Commissioner Carruth that he is a Republican elected official," Smith wrote. "That position carries responsibilities to the Republican Party. If Carruth wants to be `foot loose and fancy free' he should run as an independent."
Smith claims Carruth violated procedures under the state's Republican Party organization plan in which "party disloyalty" is defined as actively supporting a candidate of another party or independent candidate running in opposition to a nominee of the Republican Party, according to the rules.
Whit Moose, interim party chairman, said there's no need for an investigation.
"If we were investigated by someone after everything we said, we'd all be under a magnifying glass," Moose said..... more

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