Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pennsylvania: Russ Diamond leads insurgent independent voter campaign

Time to send a message

By Brad Bumsted STATE CAPITOL REPORTER Pittsburgh Tribune Review Sunday, May 14, 2006 -- Tuesday is the day of reckoning for pay-jackers in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Will voters toss them out? ...Russ Diamond, an early opponent of the pay grab and now an independent gubernatorial hopeful, had it right with an analogy that a bank robber who later returns the money can't expect the authorities to say, well, that's OK. You'd still go to jail. ... more

Voters’ ire still boiling

Lebanon Daily News May 13, 2006

Pay raise remains in play for Tuesday By JOHN LATIMER ...Russ Diamond, a businessman from Annville who has run unsuccessfully for state and federal office, started PACleanSweep in the days after the July 7 pay raise. The group’s anti-incumbency message spread quickly, and more than 100 challengers for state office adopted the group’s pledge to reform government. About half are reportedly still running active campaigns, while others have dropped out for various reasons.
Diamond is still connected with the group but has stepped down as chairman to concentrate on his run for governor as an independent. He is currently working to gather the 47,000 signatures necessary to qualify for the fall ballot. ....

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