Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The South: Are they Democrats or are they Independents?

Democratic breed dwindling in the South

By JIM DAVENPORT, ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER News Observer GALIVANTS FERRY, S.C. (AP) - Many species are rare, even threatened, in the swampy marshes along the southeastern coast, and perhaps none is closer to extinction than the "yellow-dog" Democrat of the Old South. For decades, straight-ticket, conservative white voters who displayed unyielding loyalty to the Democratic Party - they said they'd vote for a yellow dog if the Democrats ran one - transformed the South into a party stronghold... ...Black cited 2004 exit polls that showed 18 percent of voters described themselves as white, conservative Democrats or as white, liberal independents. At best, he said, less than 5 percent of Democratic voters would fit the traditional yellow-dog profile..... more

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