Friday, May 19, 2006


There are 500,000 independents in Oregon, and most of them didn't vote in the primaries this round. The numbers are there, and Oregon independent voters are increasingly vocal about the need for Open Primaries and other electoral reform. Former Republican Ben Westlund is a hot independent ticket for governor. What's gonna happen?

Massachusetts independent candidate for governor Christy Mihos was in the debate yesterday, but not the Green Rainbow candidate. The debate sponsors decided she didn't have enough support to be heard in that forum. Who's watching the debate sponsors?

In 1946 Waco, Texas businessman Bernard Rapoport gave $1,000 to his candidate out of his $5,000 income. Now, that's putting your money where your mouth is! He gave $10,000 to Carole Strayhorn for her indie run this year.

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