Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Harlem Political Machine Fraud

OREGON INDEPENDENTS: Independent’s Way/One in five Oregon voters won’t get a say in the May presidential primary. Phil Keisling tries again to change that. Open Wide: Oregon’s closed primary faces a third attempt at change. (Willamette Week)

WISCONSIN INDEPENDENTS: Party leaders confident there will be unity following primary (AP REPORTS

If you haven't read about the "0" votes in 80 predominantly black districts in New York for Barack Obama in the primary (Super Tuesday), please partake:
  • Bloomberg Charges 'Fraud' in NYC Primary, But Believes 'No Legal Issue at Stake' (Brad Blog)
  • Civic Group Calls for Voting Investigation (City Room/NY Times blog)
  • No Obama Votes in NYC - Is This Some Florida B.S.? (Black
  • OBAMA "Robbed" In NYS Primary: Recount May Change Delegate Count (
  • Obama Cheated Out of Votes ( blog)
  • Meet the new guard black politicians (NY Daily News)
  • Obama and Clinton: War of the Words (The Gothamist)

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