Saturday, February 09, 2008

Live-blogging the CNN coverage of Washington Caucus

5:20 pm EST Jessica Yellin is speaking to us from the floor of a large caucus in Spokane (I think). She says there are about twice as many people there as turned out last time. The word is that Obama is leading in sentiment. [CNN seems to be very cagey about this and in fact when Gov. Christine Gregoire was speaking about 15 minutes ago, Jessica said over a live mic, Oh, she's for Obama... and they cut to a speech yesterday by Hillary.... Gov. Gregoire has endorsed Obama.]

5:35: Ok, now Gregoire is speaking about why she's for Obama, he brings out the best in people. Jessica asks if Gregoire will support Hillary if she wins the nomination. Yes, she says. We need to make America great again. It could be close, but Gregoire thinks Obama will win.

Jessica jumps in with a little "fair time" for Clinton.... [Whatever happened to just reporting on what is going on....?]

Here's the Washington DC anchor coming with what an "interesting thing it is for a white woman governor to endorse Obama....

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