Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Independent voters will make the difference today -- Super Tuesday


Steve Weir, Contra Costa County Registrar of Voters, said there had been sporadic problems at polling places in the county, but election workers were moving quickly to resolve them.
In some precincts, independent voters were showing up to polls and poll workers were telling them erroneously that they could not get a nonpartisan ballot, a Democrat Party ballot or American Independent party ballot. The county had workers in the field trying to fix the situation, and were calling the precincts to explain that they needed to give those voters ballots.... (San Francisco Chronicle)

Obama, McCain polling in the lead for independent voters in NEW JERSEY and CALIFORNIA..... (Cherry Creek News CO)

MASSACHUSETTS: Those independent voters, who can vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary, could decide if Clinton or Obama wins the Democratic nod, and whether Romney fends off a late challenge from McCain in the GOP contest..... (Boston Herald)

ALABAMA: Voter turn out, especially among young voters and independents, could make a marked difference in the Super Tuesday results. (The Kaleidoscope, University of Alabama)

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