Friday, February 08, 2008


Every day, The Hankster runs at least one post called "TODAY'S NEWS HEADLINES for INDEPENDENT VOTERS", a comprehensive aggregated source for news articles from around the country for independent voters, about independent voters.

HANKSTER LEDE: (CNN) Virginia, Texas and Ohio, independent voters are eligible to vote in upcoming Democratic contests.

ARIZONA: State primaries likely to stay closed/Proposals to open polls to independents on back burner (The Arizona Republic) AND Super Tuesday: More than half of Yavapai voters exercised right (By Joanna Dodder Nellans, The Daily Courier) independents demand ballots, Gov. calls for open primaries

CALIFORNIA: Independent voters get left out (Pasadena Star News) AND Independent voters play pivotal role (Dan Walters, Mercury News)

MISSOURI: Missouri vote signals complex national mood (By Tim Jones CHICAGO TRIBUNE)

OBAMA/CLINTON-GENDER/RACE: Democrats' next concern: super delegates (NY Newsday) AND Patterns of Distinction (By Andrew Kohut, NY Times) AND A Party Divided? (By Matt Bai, The Caucus/NY Times) AND Despite Loss, Obama Scores Some Wins in New York (BY GRACE RAUH - NY Sun)

BIPARTISANSHIP: Why Bipartisanship Is A False Hope (Derek Shearer, Huffington Post)

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