Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What is The Hankster?

Hello from The Hankster!

Most every day, The Hankster runs at least one post called "TODAY'S NEWS HEADLINES for INDEPENDENT VOTERS", a comprehensive aggregated source for news articles from around the country for independent voters, about independent voters.

Independents are a big deal in this 2008 presidential election. We will have a say, if not determine, the next president of the United States.

Independents are talking to each other and organizing at the ground level every day of the week. On ths blog, The Hankster, you will find a daily selection of MSM and other pertinent articles that talk about independents and the weight we carry for the 2008 presidential election.

What do independent voters think about the candidates? And more importantly, what do independents think about the process by which we the American people arrive at that decision?

Let me know. Speak out!

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Robert B. Winn said...

The candidates are symptomatic of people who have lost their way and cannot decide how to proceed. The Republicans have a candidate who represents party goals of the past, namely, a diluted copy of European militarism. The Democrats do not have a clue as usual and only offer their interpretation of European socialism. One thing you will not hear these candidates promote is free and open elections. Both parties see the voters as personal property of political parties.
Independent voters need to concentrate on two things, voter registration and ballot access. Free and open elections will not exist in this country until independent voters are running against independent voters and being elected.