Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Reuters FACTBOX not so factual: Tuesday's "Potomac Primary" presidential contests (Reuters) This article is wrong when it says independents cannot vote in any of these primaries . Virginia has nonpartisan registration and all voters can vote in either primary.

HANKSTER LEDE: Obama And The New Black Vote (By Lenora Fulani, Black Star News) AND same article on (Ballot Access News)

POTOMAC PRIMARY: Obama favored in Potomac primaries (Los Angeles Times) * Obama Poised to Sweep Into Lead Over Clinton in Primaries Today (Bloomberg)

OREGON: Of primary importance-Oregon may play a bigger role in this year's presidential primaries, while independent voters get no say (Daily Vanguard)

WISCONSIN: Tuesday will tell whether Obama is picking up momentum (Green Bay Press Gazette) Obama could win in Wisconsin next Tues., where an open primary could benefit him because of his appeal among independent voters.

ARIZONA: Independents foiled at polls (Kingman Daily Miner)

MAINE: Mainers show independent streak (Bangor Daily News) Maine voters from both parties exercised their independence, shunting aside the endorsements of their parties’ higher-ups.

TEXAS: Clinton, Obama to debate in Austin before Texas primary on Feb. 21 (The Dallas Morning News)

NORTH CAROLINA: The number of unaffiliated voters is growing in North Carolina/ Tight Race Between Obama and Clinton Could Impact State Races (WRAL)

THE CAMPAIGN: Hillary Gets Joe Trippi’s Memo-After Obama begins to trounce her, Hillary finally discovers the power of the Internet. (By Mark Hemingway, National Review Online)

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