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Every day, The Hankster runs at least one post called "TODAY'S NEWS HEADLINES for INDEPENDENT VOTERS", a comprehensive aggregated source for news articles from around the country for independent voters, about independent voters.

Super Tuesday is upon us and independents are key. Most states with primaries or caucases on Feb. 5 have "open primaries" in which independent voters will be able to choose their ballot. Below is a selection of articles that talk about independents and the weight they carry for the 2008 presidential election:


  • Super Tuesday: How to find out who won, and figure out what it means (Openers/Cleveland Plain Dealer blog)


  • Independents May Hold Sway In Mass. (The Day - CT)
  • Record voter turnout expected today (Eagle Tribune, North Andover) steady rise over the last several decades in the number of unenrolled voters, who make up more than half the state's electorate.
  • Voting facts for Super Tuesday (Boston Globe) For the first time, independent voters will automatically be returned to the ranks of the unenrolled after they vote, regardless of which party primary they participate in.
  • Officials fear Super Duper saturation (Boston Herald) Galvin’s office said a record number of unenrolled or independent voters could cast ballots tomorrow. In all, 2,018,746 registered Bay State voters are independents, compared to 1,475,769 Democrats, 485,959 Republicans and 29,839 in other parties.
  • Record turnout - nearly 1.3 million voters - expected (BostonNOW)


  • Illinois in the mix on Super Tuesday, but not the top prize (Daily Chronicle) Obama has developed an extensive network of more than 80,000 volunteers to drum up support here.
  • The Undecided, Independent Vote (WIFR Rockford IL) Rockford Mayor Morrissey believes all voters should have the option to vote for candidates of various parties, instead of having to register with just one.


  • Big turnout expected at polls/Independent voters could make difference in state (Monterey Herald)
  • Expect record turnout, long wait for results (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • Independent Voters Need to Be Aware of Their Right to Vote in California’s Democratic Presidential Primary (By Frank D. Russo, California Progress Report)


  • Polls: Obama gains, McCain leads in N.Y. (Press & Sun Bulletin/Albany Bureau - Binghamton)
  • Street Talk - should independents be able to vote in primaries? (Oneonta Daily Star)
  • The Battle For Harlem Heats Up (Sam Stein, Huffington Post)


  • (Daily Orange college paper) One state that is completely closed to independent voters is Arizona. Yet, 28 percent of the state consists of independent voters. Nearly 2.7 million voters in New York state will also be denied a vote because of their independent or no-party status.


  • Turnout could pass half-million markRelated Videos (The Oklahoman) There are 1,008,590 Democrats, 786,933 Republicans and 219,000 independents who are registered to vote in Oklahoma. Since Oklahoma has a closed primary system, Independent voters will only be allowed to vote on local issues


  • The vitality of parties on the line (The Forum) McCain attracting independents for general election


  • Many Democrats Still Wavering on a Choice (NY Times) Mr. Obama has polled well of late, and the excitement generated by the race has prompted thousands of voters to take the unusual step of changing their registration from unaffiliated to Democrat or Republican. About 13,000 so far have signed up as Democrats, while 4,000 have become Republicans. This shift is most significant in a state renowned for its independent voters. Connecticut’s 819,000 unaffiliated voters still outnumber Democrats — about 688,000 strong — and Republicans, who number about 400,000.



  • Voters have more choices/Nonaffiliated now can vote for either Democratic or GOP candidates in primary (The Journal)
  • Fact Box W.Va. primary is May 13/Wood County Republicans gearing up for convention (Parkersburg News and Sentinel) Unaffiliated can vote in either primary for the first time

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