Monday, May 01, 2006

California: "Decline to state" biggest (non) partisan affiliation...

California voters increasingly identify as nonpartisan

by Rebecca S. Bender, 5/1/2006 Eureka Reporter --The third largest political affiliation in California? “Declined to State.”
On Friday, Secretary of State Bruce McPherson released registration totals for the seven qualified political parties as of April 7.
Compared to similar statistics in the lead-up to the March 2002 primary election, those who preferred to keep their party affiliation to themselves jumped from 14.7 to 18.3 percent of registered voters.
Over the same time period, the proportion of registered Democrats and Republicans both declined slightly, to 42.7 and 34.6 percent of voters, respectively.
The total number of registered voters across the state, however, increased by almost 327,000. ....


Anonymous said...

Huummm,...also interesting..I hope it's a trend.


N. Hanks said...

It is! I will post a "special report" with some statistics. More and more Americans are becoming independent and it is forcing the politicians of both parties to have to consider going outside their traditional bases to win elections. Independents have the numbers to determine the outcome of elections. But we also are not organized, and most independents don't like political parties at all. Plus, independents fall across the political spectrum ideologically. The upshot is that we have the beginnings of a new non-ideological, non-partisan movement that could change the culture of politics in America!