Saturday, May 06, 2006

Massachusetts: Independent candidate for gov Christy Mihos - who will he pick as running mate?

Mihos Delays Running Mate Choice

Hub Politics blog May 5, 2006 -- Perhaps there is trouble in Christy's Market. The Boston Herald is reporting that Christy Mihos's campaign manager says not to expect a choice until the summer...... Gubernatorial candidates are not paired with running mates in primary election but in recent races candidates have designated their preferred partner. Before deciding to run as an independent, Mihos asked former lieutenant governor candidate Jim Rappaport to be his GOP running mate, a source close to the talks told the Herald. After he declined, Mihos is said to have considered former U.S. Rep. Peter Blute and Patriots quarterback Doug Flutie.
There can be no doubt that if Mihos held true to his alleged life-long Republican roots, he would have chosen a running mate by now. Had he done that, he might had a fighting chance, but as a third party candidate, it will be tough to recruit someone to go down with the ship.....

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