Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ohio: What will 4 million independent voters say?

National party leaders jump into fray in Ohio governor race

JULIE CARR SMYTH Associated Press May 3, 2006...In his acceptance speech, Strickland welcomed Democrats, Republicans and Ohio's nearly 4 million independent voters to support his party's "Turnaround Ohio" campaign. Blackwell called upon even former Ohioans who have moved away - like his own son, who lives in Denver - to support his "agenda for change."
Strickland said Blackwell's views - including his support for a government-limiting constitutional amendment on the fall ballot - are "far outside the mainstream" and that Ohioans won't support him.
As the first black nominated as Ohio governor, Blackwell is expected to have some cross-over appeal with black voters often counted on to help elect Democrats.
In his Tuesday statement, Mehlman called the GOP "the party of Lincoln" and said it "welcomes more African Americans back home" with candidates like Blackwell to offer....

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