Friday, March 07, 2008

Conversations on Racism, Sexism and Yesterday's Political Landscape

"Nothing says “yesterday” like a 73-year-old feminist foot soldier who didn’t get the memo that she won the war." ("Ms. Yesterday: Steinem’s last stand." By Kathleen Parker in National Review Online)

We’ve come a long way in creating a new America (Jesse Jackson, Greene County Daily/Zenia Gazette) NOTE: While I agree with Jesse Jackson in this article that America has transformed itself in terms of civil rights (and also women's rights), I would caution readers when he says "The Democratic Party is alive, attracting independent voters, mobilizing activists and volunteers, raising small contributions in record amounts...."

Many progressive Dems are saying that this election is an opportunity for the Democratic Party to "grow" and cite the "influx" of independent voters, saying that the Democratic Party is "attracting" independent voters. It's definitely not the Party that's attractive.

Independent voters are anti-war and are looking for the best and most effective way of making that statement and having an impact. Independents are supporting Barack Obama's campaign (NOT the Democratic Party) because his campaign gives expression to a new way of doing politics and a change of direction for the country.

And we should be mindful to give credit where credit is due: it is Barack Obama (just as the Howard Dean campaign did in 2004 before the DNC sacked his grassroots campaign....) and NOT the Democratic Party who is attracting independent voters, mobilizing activists and volunteers and raising small contributions in record amounts.... -NH

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