Monday, March 17, 2008


  • Opening Up the Primary Gates (The Century Foundation)
  • State GOP vulnerable to Obama effect (The Southtown Star) SurveyUSA: Obama stomps McCain with independent voters 60 to 29, while Clinton has a slight lead, 39-36.
  • Tripartisanship: Independent voters surge in state (The Oklahoman Editorial)
  • Editorial: Keep party primary private-Let Democrats decide who runs for White House (Editorial Board • Argus Leader)
  • The primary party switch-March 24 deadline looms for voter registration, re-registration (The Sentinel)
  • Views on Pa. primary race continue to evolve-The latest: State is important but not the clincher. (Philadelphia Inquirer)


Anonymous said...

I was thinking that the Independence philosophy could use a symbol, you know, all political philosophies have a symbol; donkey, elephant, statue of liberty. Helps elevate and 'market the brand', if I may be so crass for a moment :)I was musing about what the Independence movement could have as a symbol. Two snapshots of American history came to mind:
Washington crossing the Delaware River

The famous portrait of the Framers signing the Declaration of Independence in Independence Hall.


N. Hanks said...

Funny -- I was just having this conversation with a friend of mine yesterday. I like your ideas. Certainly inspirational.

Another idea might be a computer monitor and a cell phone..... :-)