Thursday, March 13, 2008


INDEPENDENT VOTERS: Measure of a Nation: We are the change (Kansas City Star) "My daddy and daddy's daddy were Democrats," Youngblood says, "but I wouldn't claim either party right now."

INDEPENDENTS AND THE IRAQ WAR: Support for war effort highest since 2006 (Politico) Half of self-identified independents polled now believe the United States should “keep troops in Iraq until the situation has stabilized,” according to polling data assembled by Pew at Politico’s request. **** Adoration, Protesters Greet McCain on N.H. Return (The Trail/Washington Post)

PENNSYLVANIA: Poll: Hillary’s negative rating rivals Santorum’s (Times Tribune) Swing voters, especially, can be crucial to winning national elections in Pennsylvania.

TENNESSEE: Switch in party leads to runoffs - If you changed for primary, can't cross back for revote (Commercial Appeal)

NORTH CAROLINA: Not Registered to Vote? Please DO IT TODAY! (News At Norman) **** Clinton accused of writing off North Carolina- At issue: Whether N.C. should be labeled a red or a swing state (Raleigh News & Observer)

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