Monday, March 10, 2008

Obama: Coversations on Doing the Math and Reintroducing the Magic

I'm glad the Obama campaign is doing the math. I think that's important. It gives me confidence in the ability of ordinary people to have a say, to have an impact, to the extent that Obama is paying attention to this, which I think basically he is. Keep up the great work! The delegates are rolling in and I think that's smart and I think that's a good thing for the people of our country.


I also think there's another element to consider: The Magic.

What is The Magic?

I think the magic here consists in the qualitative development of the American people and our collective willingness (or what might turn out to be our collective UNwillingness) to make a statement of who WE are -- as distinct from who our government is and what our government is doing and who (or what) our politicians are willing to sell us out to.

Personally speaking, I'd love to see Barack talk about the qualitative development of his campaign. I see Barack on tv and I see that he has developed during this short effort to go up against the Clinton machine. I'm sure other lots of other people see that. Barack should share his journey of development in this campaign. Tell us how you're doing, Barack!

What's it like to plow a new field?

What's a New Field? Is it process? Is it issues?

It could be an important cultural element in mobilizing ordinary people for change. Americans like success.

Ain't I a woman?
And haven't you developed?

Independently yours, The Hankster

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