Friday, March 14, 2008

A Political Junkie's Confession: Cat/Rooster/Dog Fight Obsessions of a Lesser God

Ok, I admit it. I'm a political junkie. I'd rather talk politics than almost anything else. I confess that for the past number of weeks, I spent my days planning my evening rendevoux with CNN and MSNBC.

Sure, I'd go to work. I'd answer some emails, return a few phone calls, write a few memos... But I was always plotting: If it's 7pm, It's Anderson Cooper 350. Or do I check in with Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Corner. A bite to eat, a cup of tea, and I fall asleep after a lighter and much needed dose of Jon Stewart and the Daily Shore..... But I have to say, the current level of punditry is a bit much!

Anderson Cooper seems to be particularly upset tonight that we have black people in America, that African Americans have cultural institutions beyond his control who speak to historical issues in historical language that he hasn't heard and doesn't understand. Anderson Cooper, a white male paid presumably by CNN, takes it upon himself to interpret historical statements he knows nothing about. He doesn't seem to have any understanding of our history as a nation or our developing multi-racial culture. Likewise for Morning Joe, which I have recently been watching. Love the show, getting a little iffy on the "coverage".....

It's hurtful to America to see intelligent people sit in a tv studio, bringing on more and more pundits, who have less and less to say about what's really going on in this country.

Again, Anderson Cooper, Joe Scarborough, Jessica Yellin, Wolf Blitzer, et al, should get off their duffs and get out there and see what's happening in America! Talk to people!

The Hankster received an email from a reader who was really upset about the level of attacks in the campaign, particularly directed at Barack Obama. The lies and rumors. I advised him to go out and do some grassroots organizing.

CNN and MSNBC CHOOSE not to go out and talk to voters. They would rather talk to themselves. They insist on running "stories" among each other about such things as:

Geraldine Ferraro talking about Barack Obama being lucky to be black (or whatever she said) and Jeremiah A. Wright, pastor of Barack Obama's church in Chicago, sermonizing about racism in America...

And who cares what's what and who's who because the real issue is to set up some kind of cat/rooster/dog fight among the American people who have worked so hard to overcome these divisions....

Below is a sample of some of the inflamatory articles:
Democrats Do Not Agree With Ferraro that Race was a Factor in ...PR Newswire (press release), NY ....... Geraldine Ferraro's comment was racist? ... A Ferraro Postscript [Ramesh Ponnuru]National Review Online Blogs, NY - It is also true, for example, that Obama wouldn't be in this position if Clinton were a more inspiring figure, compelling speaker, or talented campaigner. ... I'm Not Racist. Some of my Best Friends Are Black.Yahoo! News - But when they feel challenged by blacks, as the Clinton campaign does by the Obama campaign, we're not so fresh after all. In essence, what Ferraro is ... Obama Denounces His Pastor’s Statements New York Times Obama repudiates ex-pastor's remarks Boston Globe Sen. Obama condemns his pastor's comments Detroit Free Press WSJ: Obama's church may be breaking IRS rulesChicago Tribune, United States ...... Barack Obama's home church, Trinity United Church of Christ on Chicago's South Side, activities that may violate IRS rules against churches advocating for ... Clinton As Racist Machiavellian Black Star News, NY - Former Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro is the latest foot soldier to make a fool of herself in the Clinton cause, this by speculating, “If Obama was a white ... Obama blames '60s for pastor's comments Chicago Tribune, United States - Ferraro recently stepped down from Clinton's campaign after saying that Obama enjoyed an electoral advantage over Clinton in the Democratic presidential ...)

We the people, however, CAN CHOOSE to do something about the dismal state of politics in this country. If you thought politicians would help, think again. If you thought the MSM would pick up our statement, think again....

It's up to us. Do something positive!

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