Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ohio Votes

Mayors in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Youngstown and other Ohio cities have endorsed Obama -- from African American (Black) Opinion

From New York Newsday's Spin Cycle:
Clinton is expected to do well in southeast Ohio -- which commentators have take to calling the state's "Appalachia" -- economically down, culturally conservative, with ties to West Virginia, and a growing pocket of evangelical strength. But Obama could get a boost from Ohio University, in CD18.
Obama's strongholds are the cities, where most of Ohio's 12-percent African-American population reside -- including Cleveland's 11th CD and its close-in eastern suburbs, Columbus (the city's African-American Mayor Michael Coleman backs him) and Cincinnati. The cities also feature large student populations.

Polls from The New Republic:
Rassmussen: (2/28) Clinton 47; Obama 45
SurveyUSA poll: (2/25) Clinton 50; Obama 44
Ohio Poll: (2/24) Clinton 47; Obama 39

From Ohio Daily Blog: Here is a Get Out The Vote appeal airing in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, and Youngstown. It is produced and paid for by the United Food and Commerical Workers International Union, which endorsed Barack Obama about two weeks ago.

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