Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Texas delegates still to be determined by caucus results

From TPM Election Central, based on MSNBC numbers:
The Texas numbers are a bit more complex, because the caucus results are still being tabulated. But here's the gist, according to MSNBC right now: She won 46 delegates to his 34. If you include those numbers, she had a net gain of 23 delegates last night.

But before factoring in Texas, Hillary's delegate gain was only 13 higher than his -- and after the caucus results are tabulated, she could see that total sink to as low as seven, MSNBC says, adding that its also possible that Obama won't cut into that lead by as much as expected, leaving her with a more-than-10-point gain.

Bottom line: According to MSNBC's current projections she could net anywhere from seven to a bit over 10 delegates.

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