Friday, March 28, 2008

Iraq Death Toll: It's a Partisan War. And - War is not the answer....

Fortunately or unfortunately we have a good 5 or 6 weeks until the next party primary (Pennslyvania is a closed primary state. Independent voters have to do as best as they can. For example, folks in Ambler protested the US Iraq war as noted here in the Ambler Gazette.... Rain was "pouring down" March 19, 2003, as Mike Corrie of Glenside stood on Route 611 in Jenkintown with a sign that said, "War is not the answer.") Of note: Sen. Obama leads Sen. Clinton 1,621 to 1,499 in the overall delegate tally, according to the Associated Press; 2,024 are needed to win the nomination. (Wall Street Journal)

The key factor is where independent voters stand. Pew found that almost half of them now favor keeping U.S. troops in Iraq, versus a rapid withdrawal). (US News & World Report)

And so that goes a long ways in explaining why PA Gov Casey endoresed Barack Obama today, as reported in Forbes, and forcast in the New York Times: Obama Picks Up Key Pennsylvania Endorsement from Sen. Casey Senator Bob Casey Jr., the junior senator from Pennsylvania, endorsed Barack Obama today in Pittsburgh. Casey, who defeated Republican incumbent Rick Santorum in 2006, is the son of former governor Bob Casey Sr., who served as Pennsylvania’s top executive from 1987 to 1995. Like his father, Casey is liberal on economic issues but socially conservative. His pro-life stance differs notably from Senator Obama’s pro-choice position.

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