Sunday, February 03, 2008


Every day, The Hankster runs at least one post called "TODAY'S NEWS HEADLINES for INDEPENDENT VOTERS", a comprehensive aggregated source for news articles from around the country for independent voters, about independent voters.

Super Tuesday is upon us and independents are key. Most states with primaries or caucases on Feb. 5 have "open primaries" in which independent voters will be able to choose their ballot. Below is a selection of articles that talk about independents and the weight they carry for the 2008 presidential election:

  • 2008 is shaping up as the year of the independent (By Daniel Weintraub, Sacramento Bee)

  • Video: California Independent Voters Can Swing Democratic Presidential Primary (Think On These Things) with video: Independent Elouise Joseph on CBS Channel 5 VIDEO LINK
  • Poll: Obama, McCain gain in Calif.-Obama and Clinton in statistical tie (Mercury News) Field Poll numbers and link: Shows statewide independents go for Obama 54%, Clinton 32%, Others 3%, Undecided 18% NOTE: James Carville on Meet the Press today says there's something "wrong" with this poll....
  • Breaking News: Pro-Clinton push poll erupts in California (LA Times Top of the Ticket)
  • California dream team: Oprah, Caroline, Michelle (Lynn Sweet blog, Chicago Sun Times)
  • Independents cast ballots in Democratic primary (Ventura County Star)
  • Californians need to think Ohio (Ventura County Star) NOTE: Can't we just vote for who we want???
  • Early voters find they don't get a do-over--independents got nonpartisan ballots, want Dem ballots (Sac Bee)

  • Independent voter says: Obama offers change (LETTER to The Coloradoan, Ft. Collins)

  • In the wake of Super Tuesday, no clear winners may emerge (Tuscaloosa News)

  • Obama has captured strong local attention (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)
  • New York voters have primary fever (Elmira Star-Gazette)
  • In primary, it's all about the delegates (Glenn Falls Post Star)
  • More Mixed Bloomberg Messages (Elizabeth Benjamin, Daily Politics)
  • In the Clinton Home Field, an Effort for Obama - Westchester Obama Women (New York Times) NOTE: Who said middle-class white women can't jump?! -NH

  • Independents to play key electoral role (By Karen Jeffrey, Cape Cod Online) Exercising political power: "It's all about bottom-up politics, about us deciding what is important and what direction our country should take," says Diane Whitehouse, Massachusetts Coalition of Independent Voters.
  • Mazzaglia: Voters do not approve the message-independents confused (By Frank Mazzaglia, GHS Daily News Tribune, Waltham)
  • Mass., Conn. vote in Super Tuesday primaries (Providence Journal)

  • McCain changing the balance of the campaign (Tom Moran,


  • African Americans: Black voters in a swing state like Obama, but national polls so far haven't picked up a South Carolina-like wave. (By Perry Bacon Jr., Washington Post)

  • Barack Obama and John McCain lead rivals 2-1 in Illinois, poll shows (Chicago Tribune)



  • Super Tuesday Wrap-Up: Competitive Races in Tenn., Ala. And Mo. (CQ Politics)

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