Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Citizens Union Dick Dadey on NYC Nonpartisan Top-Two Primary Elections: A Matter of Democracy

Citizens Union executive director Dick Dadey responds to questioning by NYC Charter Revision Commission Chairman Matthew Goldstein and others at Monday night August 2, 2010 public hearing at PS 58 in Staten Island about whether to put nonpartisan top-two primary on the ballot. Dadey: "Yes, it is a high stakes game. 1.4 million voters are disenfranchised. There is a big difference between 2003 and today. In 2003 many voters felt that there was a forced outcome from the Charter Revision Commission, that is not the case now. This is a very informed discussion. We can't take a principle of democracy and run it up against a game of chance. The risk of failure should not cause us to not act on principles in the interest of the democratic process and enfranchising voters who are currently excluded."

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